Download Download OpenLieroX 0.58 rc5 Installation instructions
Includes the game, basic skins, levels and weapon modifications.

Current beta version (for testing purposes)

Download Download OpenLieroX 0.59 beta10 for Installation instructions
Includes the game, basic skins, levels and weapon modifications.

Enhancements & Packs

Level Pack Quality Level Pack
Contains top-quality levels for the best gaming experience. Just unpack the downloaded file to your <home directory>/OpenLieroX\levels folder.
Skin Pack Quality Skins Pack
Contains top-quality skins for your game character. Just unpack the downloaded file to your <home directory>/OpenLieroX\skins folder.
Level Pack Ultimate Level Pack
Contains 99 % of all levels ever created for Liero, LieroX and OpenLieroX. Unpack the downloaded file to your <home directory>/OpenLieroX\levels folder.
Mod Pack Ultimate Mod Pack
Contains vast majority of weapon modifications ever created for LieroX and OpenLieroX. Unpack the downloaded file to your <home directory>/OpenLieroX folder.
Skin Pack Ultimate Skin Pack
Contains vast majority of character skins ever made. Just unpack the downloaded file to your <home directory>/OpenLieroX\skins folder.
FileBase Find more in the FileBase
The FileBase contains many OpenLieroX related downloads, such as scripting tools, user modifications, levels, front-ends and more.

All OpenLieroX Versions

OpenLieroX 0.58 rc5

released 2018-30-07
  • IPv6 support
  • Show death count in games with infinite lives
  • Navigate all menus with arrow keys, for better gamepad support
  • Fixed rope warping and explosions not drawn on infinite map
  • Fixed desynced shots in network games. This will not eliminate network lag entirely, but it should improve the situation when your shots hit the other player without doing any damage.
  • Fixed invisible laser in network games
  • New game options: mirror the map, indestructible bonuses
  • Added all player skins from Quality Skins Pack
  • Show weapon name when picking up a bonus, for GunGame gamemode

OpenLieroX 0.59 beta10

released 2012-04-17
  • Added support for programmable levels and mods (using LUA, based on Gusanos)
  • Special light and graphics effects for levels and mods
  • Support for 3D sounds
  • Added sounds for game events (X frags left, timeout etc.)
  • Single player mode

OpenLieroX 0.58 rc1

released 2010-21-01
  • Uploadlimit check fixed + automatic measuring of speed
  • More stable network (CChannel3)
  • Improved HTML viewer
  • IRC support
  • Dedicated server becomes useable
  • Improved connect-during-game
  • Background music by Corentin Larsen
  • Damage reporting (shows how much you injured a worm)
  • New game options dialog
  • Ingame console can be used everywhere, also in menu
  • Ingame console much more advanced, many new commands, better autocompletion
  • New debug logging system
  • Hide & Seek gamemode
  • Capture The Flag gamemode
  • Race / Team Race gamemodes
  • Air jumping as an optional feature
  • Extended physics engine / gamescript (still in development)
  • High-resolution level support
  • Possibility to make maps infinite
  • Possibility to disable minimap
  • Support for Commander Keen 1-3 levels
  • Game size factor (you can make everything bigger or smaller)
  • Hit/damage yourself/teammembers can be enabled/disabled (aka friendly fire on/off)
  • Immediate start
  • Worm speed/damage/shield/friction factor
  • Projectile friction factor
  • Physics should be exactly like LX56 now
  • Select weapons ingame (chat command /weapons)

OpenLieroX 0.57 rc1

released 2008-05-10
  • Fixed most crashes that were reported
  • Fixed big lags when hosting a server because of wrong bandwidth handling

OpenLieroX 0.57 beta8

released 2008-10-09
  • Chatbox has HTML and copy&paste support
  • Connect during game support
  • Fixed max upload bandwidth limit
  • Menu_MessageBox can handle long messages correctly
  • Better synchronisation for shooting, that should also fix the self-shooting problem
  • Reconnects from a client are handled better
  • General fixes of new features (since Beta6)
  • Removed Media Player

OpenLieroX 0.57 beta7

  • Game-speed multiplicator
  • Options editable from everywhere in the game
  • Force random weapon selection (with the extensions to have the same weapon for all players)
  • Automatic weapon selection if only one weapon is available
  • Notify application window on events when application is in background
  • Auto-completion for chat commands
  • Command button for host in game
  • Show player online/chatting/away status
  • Client info dialog for host

OpenLieroX 0.57 beta6

  • fixed crashing in DBZ mod
  • improved connecting to servers behind firewall/NAT
  • reduced the loading time of IP to Country database a bit
  • added support for G15 keyboards
  • improved downloading, added mod downloading
  • fixed a security bug in the authorise command
  • added video post processors that change the final appearance of the screen
  • updated joystick control
  • recovered compatibility with Windows 98/ME
  • faster projectile simulation
  • fixed spawning in rock in random maps
  • fixed duplicate joining
  • fixed weird game behavior when kicking bot
  • fixed crashes in the viewport manager dialog
  • added map anti-aliasing
  • fixed crashes in the News tab
  • improved crash reporting tool
  • fixed bots not shooting with beam weapons
  • fixes in physics (wallshooting, self-shooting, flying at the top of the level)
  • server displays only one message on multiple suicides
  • optionally attach a console window using -console under Windows

OpenLieroX 0.57 beta5

released 2008-03-15
  • fast and easy theme switching (and LieroX 0.56 theme included)
  • disallow strafing on server if wanted
  • optimised/fixed joystick support
  • optimised network
  • fixed aiming bug of Beta4
  • spectate option for host
  • bugfixes

OpenLieroX 0.57 beta4

released 2008-02-23
  • very basic dedicated server
  • joystick support (for playing)
  • mouse support (for playing)
  • copy&paste support for Linux and MacOSX
  • config file got parsed completly and unknown options are kept, therefore forward-compatible
  • better forward-compatibility for net-protocol
  • FPS independent physics
  • more correct projectile simulation
  • experimental file transfer support
  • delete-key works now under MacOSX
  • more keys got recognised (super and meta keys, that includes also the Apple-key on a Mac)
  • support for multiple masterservers
  • more intelligent event-handling (in some parts); all pressed keys got recognised in chat/console and you can also play on very low FPS
  • DNS support for serverlist
  • Worm AI improvements
  • usage of ALSA on Linux by default
  • network improved
  • cache for map and gamescript
  • Developer documentation
  • strafing
  • optimised sorting in combobox
  • FPS limit is also valid for menu
  • menu takes less resources
  • help for weapon selection
  • fixed changing of graphic settings
  • and a lot of other fixes / cleanups

OpenLieroX 0.57 beta3

released 2007-08-10
  • 16/24/32 bit graphic support and OpenGL support
  • runs on MacOSX
  • new design & icon (thanks go to Raziel)
  • probably fixed any saving-problem (problem was: sometimes SDL_Quit gives a segfault and saving was done after this; now it's done before)
  • full Unicode/UTF8 support
  • font antialasing support
  • working Dev-C++ project (therefore MingW support)
  • MaxFPS in option-dialog
  • Worm AI improvements
  • ninjarope physic simulation is FPS independent
  • profile-saving is correct now

OpenLieroX 0.57 beta2

released 2007-04-09
  • BPP independent
  • ingame mediaplayer
  • 64bit version works now
  • more fixes, general improvements, etc.
  • code cleanups (replacements with C++/STL technics)
  • whole project uses std::string now (realy huge change)
  • collision-checks are improved (more like the original LX, that means, it goes at least through walls with ~3px width)
  • chatbox improvements
  • unlimited number of bots in net play
  • ~/ at the beginning of a searchpath is handled correctly and there is a more correct method to get the homedir
  • MaxFPS option under [Advanced] in ~/.OpenLieroX/cfg/options.cfg
  • fixed compile-issues on 64bit systems
  • no-clipping-issues with weapon-generated dirt are fixed

OpenLieroX 0.57 beta1

released 2007-01-27
  • POSIX-compatible (well-tested under Linux).
  • endian-independent (runs without any problems on my big endian PPC)
  • a huge amount of bug-fixes
  • the old BASS soundsystem was replaced by SDL_mixer
  • new file handling routines (1. based on searchpaths; 2. case-insensitive handling)
  • new bot AI with a very nice pathfinding-algo
  • some other additions/extensions/...
  • ...