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This article is about a player considered active. Any featured information may be outdated due to any recent events. Feel free to correct any inaccuracies.


Dedicated to the game and community since 2006, has taken part in the competitive scene since 2008. He got experience in clan building from hard work with establishing his clan Quality, but today he is gaming for the veteran clan annuit Coeptis.

He's been active in hosting of several tournaments during the years, such as the legendary Fightbox 2008-2010 and 2012, LX Alliance Awards 2009-2011, King of Classic 2011, Alliance Clan Series 2009-2010, LieroXtreme Nations Cup 2008

Achievements (Solo)

  • 1st Place ~ One Night Stand 2010
  • Top 10 (4th) ~ Fightbox 2009
  • Top 10 (9th) ~ Fightbox 2008

Achievements (Clan)

  • 2nd Place ~ Fightbox 2009, with [aC]
  • 2nd Place ~ Domination 2008/2009, with {Q}
  • 3rd Place ~ Fightbox 2009, with {Q}
  • 3rd Place ~ Fight For Win 2009, duo with Lodur
  • Top 5 (4th) ~ Fightbox 2008, with {Q}