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This is a setting that follows the rules of Combo. This setting is normally played on 20% Loading Time on the mod Liero v1.0. All weapons are banned besides Rifles. Sometimes some people unban Gauss Gun for some high recoil fun games.

The weapons physics are what makes it so much fun. The recoil of the weapon is mild, and each shot will move the player back, and more so in the air. The damage of the rifle is 30 hp, it also has a few bit projectiles when the bullet hits a wall that can cause up to 6 damage if all hit. 3 bits, doing 2 damage each.

There is a large controversy between Rifles and Mortars. Mostly because a lot of older players feels this because Rifles were around a lot longer than Mortars. They also dislike the instagib aspect of Mortars. There are always some sort of debate around this subject on different forums (Currently most of it is on LX Alliance.) Unexperienced players usually plays a lot of mortars when they first start out. While most experienced players usually play other mods. There is also a new grouping of older players who plays both mortars and other mods. This has led to people who join servers and aren't known to the people on the server, who constantly requests mortars, are kicked out of most servers made by the more experienced grouping of LX.

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