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OpenLieroX supports several map formats where you have different possibilities.


Gusanos map format

The most powerfull format is the Gusanos map format. You can have dynamic lights and dynamic objects there. You can add Lua scripts to control the objects or do whatever. It supports also up to 255 different materials.

Gusanos maps are supported since OpenLieroX 0.59. This is the new main and default format for maps. It is very recommended that you create any new map as a Gusanos map.

LieroX map format

The oldest (Open)LieroX format is the LieroX map format. It is absolutely static. It only has background and foreground image. And the only supported materials are background, dirt and rock.

This map format has become deprecated since the support of Gusanos maps.

Liero map format

This format is even older. It is the format of the original Liero game. OpenLieroX can load such classic maps, too.

Commander Keen 1-3 levels

Since OpenLieroX 0.58, Commander Keen 1-3 levels (*.CK1, *.CK2, *.CK3 files) can be loaded. The support is limited, it loads them just as static image maps like LieroX maps.