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Learning to code

If you want to learn coding and you don't have much knowledge yet, OpenLieroX can also be a good starting project. Read here why. The most important element when learning to code is learning by doing. This means you grab some existing project, play around with the source code, modify parts of it, extend it or maybe take parts of it out to build up a new project. This is very central and important when you want to learn coding. It is the most important part, much more important than reading literature. The literature is only there to help you clearify parts in the code you don't understand.

Starting a new project from scratch

You might also start a new project completely from scratch but this is complicated as you don't know much in the beginning. So you will end up in a lot of problems and you don't really get something nice out of it for a long time. This can be frustrating and boring.

Choosing a project as a base

Choosing which project you want to use as a base can be difficult if you cannot really estimate the quality of the code or the difficulty of the code yet. Don't be afraighten if the code looks big and bloated. It certainly will. But you don't really need to know and understand all of it to use and play with it. More important is that you get a rough idea where you find what functionality and where you can change/extend some stuff to get whatever you want.

Also probably important is that the general coding style is somewhat clean and understandable.

Another important point is that you can ask some of the authors in case you have questions.

Choosing OpenLieroX

The OpenLieroX source code will surely look big when you first see it. However, we tried to keep a clean coding style and make the code as self-explanatory as possible. Also, in most cases it is very straightforward where you need to modify something to get something.

In case of questions, the OpenLieroX development team is always there to help you with the code and explain some specific code.

We also have some documentation about the code where you get an overview. This is very helpful in the beginning.

If you want to develop a decent game on your own, you need to know about most or all the topics. However, when joining the OpenLieroX development team, esp. when doing this for learning purpose, you don't really need to know anything and you also don't need to deal with everything. You can rather just grab a specific part/area and work only on that.

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