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This article is about a clan that has been tagged dead. Any info is to be considered purely of historical value. Feel free to correct any inaccuracies.

Hell Worms was a successful lt 100% playing clan that existed from October 2004 to January 2006.



The clan was formed in October 2004 by Holzwurm. Quite soon Lusmu, AGENT, Kurt and some others joined. It quickly rose from a newbie clan to one of the best v1.0 clans. The clan fell apart and inactivity struck after co-leader Kurt left the clan to join Oldschool Players in January 2006.



  • [HW] Holzwurm


  • [HW]kurtcobain

All Members(also retired ones)

  • [HW]niubay
  • [HW]Loop
  • [HW]Spoon
  • [HW] $exy-gosu
  • [HW] Arska
  • [HW] Scabra
  • [HW] Dream
  • [HW] TnT
  • [HW] Agent
  • [HW] Morbid
  • [HW] freedom (Pandora)

Recorded Clan Wars


  • [HW] vs. [Fp] 2:0
  • [HW] vs. [FoH] 2:0
  • [HW] vs. [FoH] 1:0
  • [HW] vs. [KKK](drunk Osp) 2:0
  • [HW] vs. [FoH] 2:0
  • [HW] vs. =RoW= 2:0 (Clan Base)
  • [HW] vs. [East f] 2:0 (Clan Base)
  • [HW] vs. [HSK] 2:0
  • [HW] vs, [tC] 2:0
  • [HW] vs. [ABC] 2:0
  • [HW] vs. [T3] 2:1
  • [HW] vs, [mr] 1:0
  • [HW] vs. [Cop] 2:0
  • [HW] vs. [H.K] 2:0


  • [HW] vs [wc] 0:2 (Clan Base)
  • [HW] vs [WaN] 0:2 (Clan Base)
  • [HW] vs [SaL] 0:2
  • [HW] vs [T3] 0:2
  • [HW] vs [nG] 1:2
  • [HW] vs [DoM] 0:2

Clan Base postion

[HW] held 5th place in 1.0 100lt ladder and 4th place in 1.0 combo ladder.

HW tournament

[HW] Tournament was duel tourney between [HW] clan members. Due to inactivity it wasn't finished, but according to played matches the TOP 4 would look something like this:

  • [HW]kurtcobain
  • [HW]Holzwurm
  • [HW] Spoon
  • [HW] Arska

Fate of the members

  • [HW] Kurt left [HW] for Oldschool Players, then joined Triple T, then OutlawZ, then created a short-living clan called hell Brigade and finally has now settled down in Masters @ Work
  • [HW]Holzwurm quit LX right after the clan's death.
  • [HW] Spoon, niubay and Loop can be found in the member list of RIP clan.
  • [HW] TnT has been spotted playing clanless.
  • [HW] AGENT quit already before the clan's death.
  • [HW] freedom aka Pandora has settled in the clan Masters @ Work