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Gusanos is another Liero clone. Since OpenLieroX 0.59, we have merged the Gusanos codebase into OpenLieroX.

Read more about the game Gusanos here in the original Liero wiki.



  • Lua scripted mods / maps
  • dynamic lights and shadows
  • 3D sounds


Write your own mods/weapons: Gusanos Modding

Create your own maps: Gusanos Maps

Technical details about Gusanos in OpenLieroX: Merge with Gusanos

Credits for original Gusanos code


Sorted by position and nick alphabetical order.


    • Real name:** Mario E. Carbajal\\
    • Position:** Project co-leader\\
    • Location:** Argentina, Buenos Aires


    • Real name:** Erik Lindroos\\
    • Position:** Project co-leader\\
    • Location:** Sweden, Växjö\\


    • Real name:** Yoni (Yonathan) Roll\\
    • Position:** Support coder\\
    • Location:** Israel, Givataim


    • Real name:** Aaron Marks\\
    • Position:** Support coder\\
    • Location** Australia, Brisbane

Other well deserved credits

( ordered by random )

 * **[[1]]** | For making mods and being with the Liero community since the beginning
 * **Jerrec** | For making mods and his support to all Liero related stuff
 * **martinBFG10k** | HE IS FROM LA PAMPA!!
 * **Wei-Zhi-Hui** | Gave us emotional support and made l33t maps!
 * **pixelcacaman** | Basara wouldn't have played liero if it weren't for him
 * **MrEvil** | Is evil
 * **[[2]]** | blah, supporter and mod maker 
 * **Joosa** | For being god... and making the original Liero!
 * **Sharky-X** | For his help with his networking library
 * **C3M** | For being our funny clown for a long time
 * **darka** | For caring about freedom
 * **Greybrow** | For being an important member of the Liga Liero clan
 * **Pilaf** | For being basara's brother and helping with random stuff
 * **[[3]]** | For creating the LieroNet forum
 * **[[4]]** | For making the l33t Liero clone Wurmz!
 * **LMX** | He added himself here >:o
 * **Podex** | Big time supporter :>
 * Anyone who I missed from adding ( please add someone if you think he should )