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How to contribute to OpenLieroX

There are several ways how you can contribute to OpenLieroX.


Source code

Read here: Contribute to the source code

Note that even if your programming knowledge is low / not available at all, OpenLieroX can be a good project to learn it.

Also, this is probably the most demanding part where the OpenLieroX project can need some help.

Beta Testing

We need people who test our Beta releases and report back any problems. This is important as we cannot see all possible problems ourself. In many cases, it even works perfectly for us and some problem only occurs under some rare circumstances.

You can download the latest Beta here:

Or you can also take the latest code from Git and compile it yourself. This is a bit more helpfull for us as possible improvements / codefixes can be tested much faster (you don't have to wait for the next Beta release) and thus the development process is faster and takes less work. However, it is a bit more complicated for you in case you have never used a compiler yet.

Please report any problems here: Issue tracker

Issue tracker management

There are quite a few entries in the Issue tracker. It would be good to keep that clean, to update issues with missing information and to close outdated issues.


Create your own Mod for OpenLieroX. Read here: Modding


Create your own Level for OpenLieroX. Read here: Level Making


Create your own Skin for OpenLieroX. Read here: Skin

Dedicated server

Host a Dedicated server.

Other stuff

Despite all the things which were said explicitely, just help in any other possible form is of course also very welcome. You might read about the whole Development process.

Just Be Active

Just being active in the Liero Community also helps alot.

Being active like:

  • playing in the servers
  • not spamming
  • giving suggestions
  • going out of your way to help others (this one is a big one!)
  • congratulate people on their achievements (don't go calling everyone noobs just because you are better)

Have Fun!