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Clans are a group of players who wear a similar tag. Clans usually clan war each other to show who is better by keeping track of the clan wars in there clan threads or there own separate forum. Some of the greatest examples can be found on the Clan List.

Making a Clan

There is no special magic in making a clan but you do need to take care of it, and your members. You should think carefully about who you are adding in, and learn about the person before doing so. LieroX is based on respect. If someone is not respected, it can make your clan look bad. This is also noted by anyone who's played LieroX long enough to watch people literally change there name to get a better reputation with others.

You can then get a clan thread on OLX.


Clan Information Your clan should be powerful, and look good too. Here is a list of things that have helped many clans along the way.

  • When making a clan, you should share information about your clan in a new post.
  • Add the rules of your clan, what you expect in your players
  • Add contact for people who need to get ahold of you
  • Update your clan thread.
  • Be neat, make it look good.
  • Add information about your clan, how it started, why, when, etc..
  • Show who the leaders are, members, trials, etc...
  • Show how many people you are going to let join your clan.
  • Tell when recuritment is open or closed.
  • Make a clan war list inside your post, showing what you won, and what you lost.
  • Post who hosts in your clan, there server names, what they play, etc...
  • You might wanna add your clan to the Clan List.

The Clan Just a list of stuff regarding your clan, and some helpful ideas.

  • Choose a good name, try not to copy much.
  • Make sure your clan will be active.
  • Pick people you have played with before. People you know in game.
  • Have good attitudes and trust in your clan members/mates. Talk to each other outside of LX.
  • Practice with your members.
  • Teach your clan mebers to respect other players and clans.
  • Be loyal, don't jump to another clan just for fame.
  • Remember to have fun.
  • Be active. Leaders and Players.
  • Practice as many mods as possible and don't limit yourselfs to one mod.
  • Having a set group of members is a good idea.
  • Don't ditch a clan because you lost a few cws, or member leaving.
  • Participate in CW's to gain more experience.
  • Make sure your in control of your clan.
  • Don't push your members around, don't flame them cause you lost a match.
  • Be comfertable with your clan.
  • Make sure you have contact with your members.
  • Remember that the players you recruit represent your clan, so don't recruit anyone that could make your clan look bag (eg. by bad behaviour)

Check out the Clan Creation for more usefull information.