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Asrack's Rifle Guide

This guide will show you how to play rifles. Above, you learned how to combo, but now, you must learn how the rifle works. Compared to almost every weapon in the game, the original rifle is the hardest to combo with, and don't think its not, because there is much to learn about it. The rifle is a fast weapon, and you must move while playing, because standing around will get you killed. The rifle can be used for more then killing people with too, and in most games, you should be using it for more.

Some simple notes to read over before you start rifling will separate you from a camper style and an aggressive rifle style.

   * You Should use all angles that your weapon can be shot.
   * You Should use only three rifles, and keep two loaded for close moments.
   * You Should use your recoil, this can be more helpful then your ninja rope
   * It helps to move faster, and you cause use it for nice tricks.
   * You Should move a lot.
   * You Should use your ninja rope.

To practice comboing, get a good friend and go to the level Lamda Bunker and use that as a practice place. A good idea would be to make sure you only use one or two shots, instead of going trigger happy. Once you move on, go to bigger and more open levels like Liero Factory, Utopia, and Fossil Facility.

Some tips to aiming your rifle: when you are jumping, you can actually use your aimer to shoot down hallways by pressing up and down while jumping. This makes the bullet fly straight instead of heading on an angle if you do it properly. While on the ground, aim at the ground, and you can press shoot and jump at the same time, and you will get a large recoiled jump. This can help you get out of a place quickly.

Reloading is one thing you should learn. It is something that takes some time for people to learn. While you are moving, and dodging bullets, you can reload. Which is why its a good idea to keep two weapons loaded at all times. Another reason, is if you combo all three rifles, you still have two left, just in case. It also makes sense to conserve shots anyway, because lag is a deadly thing, and it helps to know that you still have two shots left, when the person you just shot is not dead. Quote from: Kemp When I was a newbie. and im sure its like this for most newbies. When they shot their combo. they spam the shift button aswell. so ur character will move that direction. so when you shot a "backward" combo, u will change direction and waste them.

The dreadful lag play

Believe it or not, playing in lag is something you are going to have to get used to. Being someone who strives to play well in lag, I know that its possible to beat anyone in lag, even 500 ping. Now, you must learn that you cannot move forward and shoot anymore, its a little difficult to pull that off, unless you know how. I also will not share my secrets on how I play either.

Its a good idea to keep yourself moving, because, yes, even though its a bitch to play people in lag, keeping yourself moving, it will make it harder for the player to actually hit you. Likewise, you should always learn to aim where the player is going to go, which is why you need to get a sense of how people play fast.

When you have a few minutes at the start of each match, test you lag, and learn when and where to fire. This will help you a bit. Then, take the time to learn your enemy. This can help you find where his lag is.

And now the end!

Now that I have given you enough general information on rifles, you should go off and learn by yourself. Don't be afraid to try something new. What makes games so much fun is coming out with a random move every few games.