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Author Topic: Rules! Read before posting.  (Read 4208 times)


Rules! Read before posting.
« on: April 02, 2006, 03:39:12 pm »
1. Try to avoid spamming to this section and not to post just a few word posts.

2. Read previous posts before posting!!

3. Stick in topic!!

4. When telling out your opinion, try not to say just (If the topic is for example about guns) "I dont like guns.".
Be more specific, like "I dont like guns, because ... {your opinion to question why dont I like guns}

5. Try to have some knowledge about what you are talking about.

6. Have respect to the posts of other's and try to acknowledge those. Do not ignore other members/posts!

7. Make your posts based on facts that havn't been brought up in previous posts, we don't want a thread where every second post
contains the same info that has been said before already.

8. Before making a new topic, search through the forum if the topic has already been posted. And if there is a closed topic about the same subject,
ask a moderator to reopen it (if possible).

9. Do not start a debate or troll (make a post trying to start a flamewar) about individual conflicts.

10. For those that wish to open up a thread on  issues like science, politics etc. and believe that there is a possibility your thread could fall
off topic into an argument of religion versus sciences (extreme example: You wish to discuss evolution theories, and don't want it to become
an evolution vs. creation thread with posts like "The Lord says that the world was created in 7 days, and that's that). Remember to comment about it from the first post.
This would benifit people who don't feel comfortable having to argue the merits of their scientific discussions against religious theories.
If you see a note about this in the first post, avoid going off topic in a religious direction when posting.

11. For the sake of debate, you can say that "this is wrong" or "this is incorrect", however, you may only do this if you either back it up with your reasoning or evidence.

Note: The words "this is my opinion" are not really necessary, yes, make your post seem less agressive, but the very fact that the post comes
 from you shows that it is your opinion; it's a given.

PS. If you have suggestiont concidering the rules (you have own rule in your mind you would like to be added or you think some rule should be modified somehow), send a PersonalMessage to me.
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