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Author Topic: Ninja v1.3 [Mod] [Link works now]  (Read 888 times)


Ninja v1.3 [Mod] [Link works now]
« on: April 21, 2007, 06:28:12 am »



Hi i made mod. Well mod is from ninjas. There is many ninja weps.
There is 25 weps. Well if u like i made better version with more weps.



Boulder: Heavy boulder


Explosive kunai: Explosive kunai. It exploud and then turn to gas.
Fake kunai strike: Throw real kunai and many fake one.
Poison kunai: Kunai when it hit to ground it blow some poison gas.
Scared kunai: It act like rifle.
Kunai strike: Five kunai sametime.
Kunai: Throwing knife.

---Medical stuffs

Medical help: In team fight this health u team mate.
Medical kit: If u touch this it give some health


Mines: Foot spikes


Needle 2X strike: Shoot 20 needle sametime (like shotgun).
Needle ball: a ball and when it explode then it shoot everywhere
Poison needle: needle, when it hit it blow away some poison
Needle strike: Shoot 10 needle sametime


Poison shuriken: Shoot shuriken and it blow away poison in air. i think it
blow away every sec
Shuriken strike: Shoot 5  shuriken sametime.
Shuriken: like kunai but weaker and more bullet.

---Special weapons

Large Fan (Poison): u can blow special poison with high speed away
(poison gravity -100)
Poison haze: Weird poison haze.
Wood shuriken (fire): Shuriken. it drop every sec fire picxel.
Katana: powerful sword.
Fire line: burning laser
Jumping doll: Chicken doll.  well it sometimes go broken.
Scared ball: Like mortar.

Well i hope if we can play in internet because i made sometime server called Psyko Server. Hope we meet.

Hope u enjoy
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