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Author Topic: [Contests] Let us all laugh (Credits involved)  (Read 864 times)


[Contests] Let us all laugh (Credits involved)
« on: January 26, 2007, 01:09:37 pm »
Heres my new idea.
Its acually pretty simple, so here it goes!

The idea:
I will post contests here if the most simple kind.
Simply to make me (and everyone else here) laugh.
Contest can range from about everything but wont be LieroX related most of the time (Which means no acualy playing of LieroX against eachother is required).

How it works:
You sign up, signing up costs 200 credits.
Once your name is on the list you are free to enter any contest posted here.
Sometimes there can be multiple going on at once.
Some cost a fee to enter (This will never be over 100 credits).
The winner of the contest will recieve a price in credits (Ranging from what contest it is) and if its a major contest even a costum made dumbass thropy!

Its simple really, Z01 wants to make a profit of cource!
Signing up cost alot of money yes, but the first contest is free to enter, and the others wont cost alot and the price money is going to be decent (1000 creds for example).
So if you signed up and keeping the contests alive your already keeping me from my profit.
If you let it die I will have a good one tough.

More final stuff:
The contests will start after 5 people have signed up, and the contests will end when theres enough entrys, can be ranging from 4 to 10.
The person whos entry made us all laugh the most (I will judge, but I wont be the only one, pretty much everyone can who didnt join the contest) will win.
Once Ive received your credits your name will apear on the contests list as joined.
You dont acually need many skills for this contest at all, just a sense of humor, so pretty much everyone can join.

The first contests
Do give people an idea I post the first 2 contest here, they are free to enter once youve signed up.

The modding challenge:
Entry: Free
Winner price: 1200

For this one you need to know how to mod, or at least try to.
Its pretty simple, you only have to make 1 weapon, but it has to be hilarious.
What type it is really doesnt matter, fancy GFX or anything.
Just make sure its fun.
If you dont know how to mod I suggest you find a toturial or get LMS, which I will link to here.

Im better then you!
Entry: Free
Winner price: 600

A more simple one, write a simple quote why you are acually better then someone/something else.
This can be ranging from "Why I pwn my wheelchair" to "My uber cardboard box!".
I prefer stories longer then 3 or 4 lines so make them good.
If you enter post it as a quote, and name the quote "My entry".
This is done like this:
Code: [Select]
[quote=My entry]Your story here[/quote]BE ORIGINAL! :P

Thats all really, if theres question please send them trough PM.
Lets see if theres people that acually have a sense of humor and are willing to share it :o

People signed up:

Ongoing contests &  people signed up for them

The modding challenge
Free to enter
Price: 1200

No signups yet

Im better then you
Free to enter
Price: 600

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Re: [Contests] Let us all laugh (Credits involved)
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2007, 01:47:48 pm »
Sign me up.


Re: [Contests] Let us all laugh (Credits involved)
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2007, 01:52:43 pm »
Grass is on!

Signed up for the "Im better then you contest"
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