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Author Topic: LieroX Fusion Tournament  (Read 19230 times)


Re: LieroX Fusion Tournament
« Reply #140 on: November 10, 2006, 03:04:07 pm »
Good plan, i'll try to be there :)

. f i e r c e . .

Re: LieroX Fusion Tournament
« Reply #141 on: November 10, 2006, 09:23:45 pm »
Well, to reply on Run's post a little...

I knew it would be hard to make this work, I've been here long enough, but a guy can still have faith right? I thought that distributing the workload would help, so it's not only one guy taking care of everything. You made me sound like I'm washing my hands off this and only blaming the others, but from the very beginning I knew I just can't play and be so involved in LX how I used to be. Still, I wanted to give something for this community, and with this new concept I tried to do it like I did -- by looking for active and well-known players that would halp to make this. All in all what I wanted was an enjoyable tournament for YOU guys, since I wasn't even participating in it as a player. As Samara said, most of the tournaments nowdays are duel ones, and I understand it because it's a lot easier to make games when there's only few guys involved, but I wanted something different. Tried - failed. All the pre-work and concept and hype wasn't still enough to make guys show up or sacrifice a bit...

Most of the guys who know me from my early years know that I would do all of this alone if needed. All in all, that's what I did with the three Firebird tournaments. But now, things have changed, and simply... I just can't do this all by myself even if I would desperately want to. All in all, me is the person I trust more than anybody, but I didn't want to prevent you guys from having fun just because I can't do so many things I used to. Who wants to believe this good, who don't then don't -- but I really tried to do everything what depended on me... the level, concept, finding hosts, looking for ways to make this easier. If the fact that I didn't host, or even thought about doing so overrules all that and makes me a lazy guy with lack of interest to make things work, then fine, call me guily...

Anyway, good to see that you guys want to play and stuff. It makes me feel this wasn't all for nothing, even if your games wouldn't have anything to do with the tourney -- you're doing that in this thread :) I hope you have good games guys. If I can, I'll join you for sure.
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Re: LieroX Fusion Tournament
« Reply #142 on: November 10, 2006, 09:43:51 pm »
The only thing you didn't try was when we couldn't meet up, you should of re arranged the teams, and made it less random, by making people togheter that live near each other.

Also, I would of sacrificed some days to play LieroX, but I am only allowed to play on Saturday and Friday. I am allowed to play on weekdays, but only around 10 pm, when Europeans are sleeping. If I had a choise to play or go somewhere and I knew that, that was the day of the big game, I would of played.


Re: LieroX Fusion Tournament
« Reply #143 on: November 10, 2006, 09:53:23 pm »
As I told, I could take 1 group and organize the game and do it!


Re: LieroX Fusion Tournament
« Reply #144 on: November 11, 2006, 02:58:09 am »
as a reply to fierces ^^

maybe i shouldn't blame you so much, so forgive me for that, but i've also tried to make a suggestion to make it work, as to which till now only one person has replied (on msn).
The concept is still a nice one, and i'd love to have a special tournament every year on lxa, where new levels and mods that have potential will be played. This is also what the first LXA tournament was doing (since most people on lxa had never played those mods and levels before).

Also, i agree with cloud that some steps could have been taken to make it work better, although it's usually pretty hard to get a tournament back on track.
Besides that, i think you did a good job to try to manage the tournament, but it was doomed to fail from the beginning because of some things you didn't oversee well IMO. People just don't put everything aside to be available to play in a tournament, but they still tend to signup for a lot of tournaments.
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