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Re: The Clan List
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7th Update

[7th] - Seventh

Clan forums: none
GU thread:

Leaders: [7th] The Ripper, [7th]"Punisher", [7th] Eddy
Trusted members: [7th] Flare, [7th] Quint G, [7th] Flame"
Members: [7th] Grande, [7th] JasonX, [7th] Uranda, [7th] DeDmAn

Clan War Settings
Liero v1.0 100% (non-combo)
Liero v1.0 20% (combo)
Liero v1.11 100% (non-combo)
Trick or Threat v0.3 100% or 150% (non-combo)
8-bit Warfare v1.2 100% (non-combo)
MSF v1.22 100% (non-combo)
Food Fight v0.6 100% (non-combo)
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