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Author Topic: |2JM| History and info  (Read 1291 times)


|2JM| History and info
« on: July 26, 2006, 10:38:45 pm »
History so far:
It all started when 3 in real life friends decided to make make the clan. Jordy, Jan and Mart. And after there names, they called the clan 2JM (as in, 2 Js and an M). The clan was private in the beginning, but after a while, their other firend, Vulcan joined too. Eventually, the 2 fellow dutchman Z01 and Bakker joined the clan too, later followed by Hades and Osiris (Flare and Quint G). Later, Z01's long time friend and expiercend player (lagger XD) Z the great (Now ExZero) also joins. The drunkness is complete :). However, in a short while, Vulcan decided to leave, he didnt care anymore, shamefully. Not much longer after that Hades and Osiris went back to [7th]. Real loyal members we had :). Now we are basicly back to the base, only this time, with Zero.
After some lag-ass kicking we came across a guy named Tuff Tuff, a fellow dutchman who was aked to join and agreed :)
That is Stargoose, als Dream joined later, as a good player and a host, hes very welcome :)
With some new activity things were looking up, only the leaders went on vacation so it didnt really work. After joining the LXA long time lieroX player and good friend of mine Worminator joined too. Our first 3 LXA CW's are played now, none is lost so far. So we just keep it up :)

2JM is an 100% loading time clan, that means combos are damned to an eternal hell to us. And we are very good at what we do, while not claiming to be the best, we are one of the best, and try to keep it that way. We also value the fun in the game alot, that means that no camping or running or whatever shall be done, and we just play for the sake of it, if we win or not. However if our opponent doesnt really play the same way, we hold the complete right to cancel the CW, game or whatever and boot em out :) 2JM really expanded in the meantime in terms of PR and members, however we arent actively searching for members, but you can always try.

CW rules:
All these are 100% loading time!!!

Liero 1.0 (and 1.11)
Based on Firebird bannings, with the addition bannings of Handgun, Bazooka, Minigun and Chaingun
Gobstopper, Piercing Peanuts and sometimes some other random junk are banned
Triforce, Spikeball, Tornado and Firearrows and sometimes some other random junk are banned
Things not written here
We play more settings then just the above, however we have no set rules for them (besides 100% and no combo), so we decide them during the CW
We also play about every level, but if theres something we dont like, this will also be decided ATM

We can change these ANY moment, if theres a change in it, I will bump it up.
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Re: |2JM| History and info
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Good story ;)... because my name is there :P.


Re: |2JM| History and info
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History updated a bit :)
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