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Forum Rules
« on: December 28, 2005, 04:32:16 pm »
House Rules
Posting pornographic content and material will lead into instant suspension. Remember that there are kids browsing the forums.

Abuse of the quoting function will result into sanctions. Quoting games get quickly out of hand and those threads are impossible to render, especially on slow PCs. It also puts a big strain on the LXA server.

You are not allowed to avoid the swearfilter. If you do so, you will be warned, and doing so repeatedly may lead into a temporarily ban.

If your account is banned or suspended, DO NOT create an alias account. This may result in an IP ban. Instead email one of the moderators regarding your account, and we will try to solve your matter as soon as possible.

You will not get banned without warnings given. If you choose to ignore the warnings, you will most likely find your account suspended. Exception is a permanent ban under undefined circumstances.

Mindless drivel is not encouraged on these forums. Expect pointless threads to be closed and deleted quickly. Avoid posting outside the current topic (Spamming). Feel free to open a new thread in the forum best-suited in case you have something to say and there is no thread about it existing already. Remember to ask one of your best friends - the Search function for help in case you are not sure about the existence of the topic or to avoid reposts.

Do not register a new account just to advertise another site or forum. If you have something you want us to see, you may post it in your signature.

If your thread got locked/deleted, do not create a new topic about it being deleted or resubmit the deleted thread. Contact one of the Mods on PM or Email about it, and we'll look into it.

Discussing piracy (eg the act of piracy, not arguments for and against piracy etc.) on these forums is not allowed. If you want to discuss filesharing programs and such, you are allowed to. Please do not provide download links for pirated games, movies and music ('Warez') on the forums. What goes on in the PM system though, we cannot moderate...

Refrain from claiming the work of others as your own. Theft of other user's creation is strongly discouraged.

In other words - Behave like a sensible analog human being when posting messages. Thanks.

Avatars and signatures:
Signatures are limited to a size of 600*90 pixels. Everything bigger than that will be cut off.

Avatars are available to allied members of LXAlliance. Other users can get their own display picture with item 'Buy Avatar' which is available in Shop for 1000 credits.

If you are unsure about something or you have any further questions, do not hesitate to grab a staff member for his sleeve.
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