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Author Topic: 15 years of Liero  (Read 4507 times)


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15 years of Liero
« on: December 23, 2013, 09:34:13 pm »
Worms 1994

I remember once when playing with one friend called Antti. We talked about how nice it would be if Worms would be real time game someday.

Molez 1997

Random games at my another friend place who introduced this game for me. Had much fun playing this one.

Liero 1998

Joosa Riekkinen finally completed the vision of real time worms. I played this huge amount with my friend Antti. Later this became quite popular game at school.
Heh I guess we were first ones to master human vs human camping. In some of the versions we used to adjust our HP to level 0-10%.  So you had to be kind of careful.

We tried lot of different settings.

I don't remember when we stopped playing this totally. But every now and then especially with Antti we decided to download it and have some good rounds.

After that there is longer perioid for me that the game lived only barely in memorys. I never knew about existence of Liero Xtreme.

It was some booring night. I had finished my army and injured my knee quite badly. I was searhing for old retro games. Somehow I found out there is some Liero version which is actually being played in internet. I was pretty sure that I will be most certainly alone there when finally went to search for games.

How Liero became so special for me

It was quite confusing for me. Too often I found out these fast shooting rifle combos. I was totally unfamiliar with such a playingstyle.

I ended up hosting my own server. Where I had my own war against Rifles with annoying set of weapons. Mostly trying to kill rifle dudes with my ss.

I think I hosted Liero 1.11 because SS at there felt much more familiar for me. Rifles were not that effective in this mod and not acting similiar as in 1.0. Back to then I didn't even notice the difference.

Finally someday I saw this server "your settings". I was like muahahahaha this guy thinks he can beat me in any sets. Hehe I guess Zapp was confused like hell about my ninja like moving and using ss against rifles.  Well I made impression to Zapp somehow. I guess he noticed that I have played the game, but my playing was something weird and out of his world.

He was such a nice guy that I agreed to try other settings too. Zapp also introduced the community. We talked and played more.

Zapp kept his pressure on me to join into GU.

There I was with my first ever message. "Hi my name is Mileceka and I am full of potential"

Hehe I got this good old feeling like wanting to win all duels back to Liero. I want to be best and I want to play this game with best players and learn their playing way and outclass them.

Most disapointing for me at the beginning was lag issues. I was so used to play at lobby. I almost stopped pretty soon after starting as I realized players are not dying exactly how it should be.


It took quite long time to realize that in this game all the fun dies when trying to compete blood taste in your mouth.  For a very competitive person it's quite hard to understand.

I still get the feeling I want to play cw's and win and be top notch player.

Despite the fact that I am going to be 30 years old next year :).

My best moments were to come after my competitive saga of LX was finally over. By this I mean finally I started to just enjoy the fact I like this game a lot.
Even randomly getting the feeling again and again to play competitive once more. Fire was truly off.

But another fire started to burn. I finally got back to the point why I played this game in the first place. The reason what was before competing. Simple thing that idea of the game was funny with cool physics and amazing playability and endless amount of new things to learn.

I got better feelings than ever from this game. But unfortunately it was quite narrow group of peoples with who I could honestly put my warrior mask off, and just let it go and play better and more relaxing LX than ever.

Liero is long story for me. The game has always been something that I like. But what kind of process I personally have been trough in this internet game and in this community makes it to have own special place for me still.

Escpecially playing 2vs2 games in Liero Factory with nice people. That place is full of memorys.

It was kind of natural that Liero 1.0 became the heart and soul of the game for me.
That one classic setting is played so many times with all the best players. It can be that also [wc] Movie influenced on me. It made great impression on me.

I have always looked up them. Might be because I was not playing when they were. When watching their moves and being around I realized that's for me. I also played this game partly beacause of nostalgic feelings.

I never got a game with Kalma. :(

Still nothing makes my day like a perfect Napalm on Raziel ass.

Raziel is very special for me. He is sympolizing something I used to dislike in past. Guy who was dissing competitive playing. But much later started to look up maybe more than anyone else. Liero speciality for me could be expressed in realizing the story of "[Osp] vs. [RIP]".  That's a story symbolizing almost everything what makes this game so special for me in the end.

It's long story of two different approach to come bit closer eachothers and actually not so much difference between players of Osp and RIP.

Most important thing is ofcourse my mates at [Osp]. I miss them a lot and games with them. Too bad it seems there is not anymore those activity spikes that we used to have. Everone is getting older and priority of Liero games is not very high.

Turma later became propably the best LX mate out there. Hehe I wish he comes back someday to play random rounds. Heh had so much fun playing with Funkkarimies and Hurme.

Yellowbart always made this game more and more intresting.

I have warm feelings aswell towards people who hate competition in this game and who are keeping it up.

But what makes me really have a huge smile on my face is the idea someone telling me back to 15 years ago that this Liero game (or some sub version of it) is something that will get most special for me.

Merry christmas for everyone who has been in this community and is still playing random rounds. Nice to see also Sorz trying to make some competition out there and some peoples coming back again and again.

Also Jason B seems to be back there developing once again. Hopefully that would end up something nice.

Happy newyear too!

As a celebration during next year when I am going to be 30 and its 15 years since I played Liero first time. I fancy about [Osp] vs. [RIP] private clanwar during next year.

I think such a thing is not going to happen easy. Well Porin Ässät became Champion of Finland master league of ice hockey last year. I thought not going to happen during my lifetime. It did happen. Everything is possible.   :-*

PS: [RIP] Adam  you suck!!!   Muahhahaha!


Re: 15 years of Liero
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2013, 02:31:56 am »
That Was Poetic  :'(


Re: 15 years of Liero
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2013, 10:29:50 am »
Awesome Milec!  :)
I have my own ways of doing it.


Re: 15 years of Liero
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2013, 12:26:15 am »

PS: [RIP] Adam  you suck!!!   Muahhahaha!

I sooooo had that one coming :P I mean, seriously ;)

Admit it - you wrote that whole big block of text (aaaah, the good old times...) just to not mention me there, and then dis me in that PS. I knew it :P

(Milec when he's 70 years old - "Eh?!? What was the most important part of my life? Playing LieroX of course! Especially since we are still having the big CW against RIP, and it's still on!")
Quote from: Asrack
I missed inturpreted that wrong than.


Re: 15 years of Liero
« Reply #4 on: December 27, 2013, 04:15:01 am »
Not many games attract a player for like a decade. And especially not a small game like this, with minimal resources.
Yet it's still alive after all those years, which is quite remarkable.

This game is truly special. Happy new year everyone!


Re: 15 years of Liero
« Reply #5 on: December 28, 2013, 08:35:45 pm »
A recent XKCD made me think of this:
26 Mars 2007
Belle: woah, is that a neatly snuck in sexproposition? Could I ask you to take of your pants?
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