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Author Topic: Fightbox 2006 final results  (Read 1011 times)


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Fightbox 2006 final results
« on: June 22, 2006, 06:15:24 pm »
Fightbox 2006 Final results

I declare that FB 2006 is now finished!

King Of The Fightbox 2006: QuafaS with 70 wins.

Top 10

1. [pC] QuafaS 70 win (Finland)
2. [Osp] Judas 36 win (Estonia)
3. [pC] Kemp 26 win (Sweden)

4th of The Fightbox [Osp] Turma 21 win (Finland)
5th of The Fightbox|Uw| Agn 17 win (Finland)
6th of The Fightbox[LcD] Magus 16 win (Canada)
7th of The Fightbox[LcD] Asrack 14 win (Canada)
8th of The Fightbox [T3] Uranda 13 win (Finland)
9th of The Fightbox [pC] Funkkarimies 13 win (Finland)
10th of The Fightbox [Uw] Origin 10 win (Finland)

Top 5 Clans of the FB

Master Clan of the Fightbox: [pC]

1. [pC] 136
2. [Osp] 55
3. [LcD] 35

4. |BH45| 22
5. [WoF] 12

Top 5 Nations of The FB

1. Finland 190 win
2. Sweden 43 win
2. Estonia 43 win

4. Canada 39 win
5. United States 12 win

Special round winners

Master of the Combo Kemp (Last year same round was also pwned by Kemp)
Master of the Liero 1.0 QuafaS
Master of the original FB round Kurtcobain
Winner of the 100th FB Funkkarimies
Master of the MSF QuafaS
Master of the spammy Judas
Master of the Tric Or Treat Jalmo
Master of the Modernwarfare Uranda
Master of the Lamda Origin
Master of the Christmastree QuafaS
Master of the Liero 1.11 oSq
Master of the 8-bit warfare QuafaS
Master of the foodfight Origin

Winner of the 500th FB Origin, 2nd Tafka, 3rd QuafaS

Longest winning straight award goes for QuafaS with his 6 wins in row!

Host special award for player who act well, is real killhunter and plays without camping and runnning

This time this award goes for Turma
He is player who fullfits all of these criterias very well. Was hard decision to decide this award, I cosidered between many players.

Friendliest player of The Fightbox award goes for Funkkarimies.

He is never flaming anyone ingame and he has good attitude. And he keep working peace for the host wich was very big criteria at this year to get this award. There was few players between of whom I decided this one.

New comer award

This special award is given for Agn, he came to LX about the time when last FB ended, and he played very well during FB and was 5th in final scores. He had good also good attitude. Great job, he is going to be one of my favourites for the next year king title.

The Perfect round award 3 lives with 7 kills

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