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Author Topic: Asracks ~ A Mech Tale  (Read 4858 times)


Asracks ~ A Mech Tale
« on: June 21, 2006, 02:05:14 am »
[About the Story]
    This story was orignally a D&D I played with Magus, and Azriath. The DM was a
friend of mine, his name is Mitch. Anyway, whatever, some names might be in there, no they
were not changed.

Setting: 2506
The earth has been destoryed, and all that stands is 6 groups, (Dipicted from Colours)
and they are at war with each other.
Black, Red, Blue, White, Green, and Yellow.

Amloith: Me (Black)
Azriath: Aziath.(Red)
Magus: Magus.(Blue)
Nirac: A character the DM played.(Antaganist)

This story has violince, suggested themes, and bad words, reader discresion is advised. :)

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Little information for you all.

That is a MECH.
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Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2006, 02:45:13 am »
So when comes the next chapter?
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Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2006, 02:48:24 am »
When I can remember it perfectly :P

[Writing it]


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Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2006, 02:32:15 pm »
This sounds just like an anime series (gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny)  ;D ;D

hmm Shouldn't it be "this is not a drill"
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Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2006, 02:44:56 pm »
wtf  i love this shit..anything with mechs i love.. keep writing.. its really good.:D ill be reading!


Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #5 on: July 07, 2006, 02:56:04 pm »
Heh. Besdt D&D I ever played... I had a Dark Blue with Black outlining on my mech.. That will coem into play later on.. A bit further, But Im pretty sure Asracks tellignthe story from Amloiths prerspective.
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Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #6 on: July 07, 2006, 06:28:36 pm »
Im pretty sure Asracks tellignthe story from Amloiths prerspective.

seems that way.

looks pretty cool, looking forward to more.


Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #7 on: July 07, 2006, 07:13:14 pm »
Sorta, I think I will keep telling it from mine, but I might switch intil they all meet up. :/


Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #8 on: October 31, 2006, 12:25:55 am »
Hows this story coming along? :)


Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #9 on: October 31, 2006, 02:07:50 am »
[Chapter One]
    An alarm sounded, as Amloiths eyes awaked. Red pulsing lights surrounded the room he
he was in. The sound of people getting changed fast pushed him out of bed, as he ran towards
the dresser where he kept his clothes. Quickly getting changed, he equips a small handgun to
his side, and runs out the door with the three others he shares a room with. Amloith has short
black hair, and blue eyes, he stands about six feet tall. He finally zipped up his black
uniform and started running faster.

    He ran to a crowded door, and pushed his way inside a large room with mechs aligned
towards a large opening into space, closed by a shield. A loud yell. echoed throughout the
room. "GET IN LINE! THIS IS NOT A TEST" Amloith lined up, as did everyone else. "He said
we found bandits with the rader, hurry into the mechs, partners will meet inside." Everyone ran

Amloith jumped into a mech. Thinking it was empty he went over to the controls, but someone
tapped him on the shoulder, he turned quickly.
"Thats my job, dude" said a strange looking man, fat, about 18, with blond hair down to his shoulders.
"Ahh, well. I should take combat controls, then" replied Amloith.
"Heh, name's Alex" he told Amoith.
"Mines Amloith" he replied again.
They got into there postions, and started off into the deep space towards a line of mechs,
just waiting.

    As soon as he got out there, Amloith turned to Alex and asked him
"Do you think they're really going to come?"
"I don't know" Alex replied.
"Everything ready for combat?" Amloith asked.
"Complete," Alex replied "are you ready?" he asked Amloith.
"I a..."

A crash came and smashed into the mech, a small laser hit the chest area of the mech. "Here they come"
Alex yelled!

    A group of fourteen mechs came from the north, moving towards them fast. Everyone
got ready, and stood their ground when the mechs colided. "Missiles locked" Amloith said, as
the mech infront of them kept shooting at them, but missing due to the Piloting of Alex.

"Alright, here they go" He said, as he pressed a button, firing the missiles towards the mech. The missiles
flew into the mech of the enemies head, and blew it up. A scream was heard on the radio, as the
enemy mech exploded into a fireball. "These bandits aren't to bad, eh?" Alex asked, laughing.
"Keep your eyes on dodging" Amloith replied.

    They approched another bandits mech. Attacking him with the beam of the laser
sword they have equiped, but to their surprise, he parried it with his own. Amloith made the
mech kick the bandits machine, and they were pushed away from each other. "Amloith, use
the missiles. It would work much better" Alex told Amloith. "Do your job, and I will do mine"
Amloith replied, being ****y. He locked onto the bandits mech with the missiles. "Locked, and
here they go" the missiles came out and hit the mechs right arm, blowing it off.

The bandits mech started to fly away from the fighting.
Amloith looked around at the battle, and noticed that most of
it was over, and few casulties on their side. The bandits seemed to be flying away, very fast, like
they were scared.

    The voices on the radios were full of happiness, people yelling "Victory is ours!"

Something came into Amloiths view, another black mech, but it wasn't the bandits...
This one had a sythe. Slowly, it came towards them, invisible on the rader.
Amloith told everyone "There is something up ahead". Everyone looked "Who the hell is that stupid to fight us alone?" Alex asked.
When three mechs were split apart, a clean cut, right infront of them.
Amloith's jaw dropped, as he yelled "RETREAT!!", but it was to late, their mech was kicked,
and Alex's head, thrown back, landing on one of the control sticks, straight through, a lifeless corpse
staring at the ground, blood dripping from his forehead. Amloith was about to throw up, but he knew what he
had to do to live. He grabed on to the head and pulled it off, taking off Alexs shirt to clean up the blood
on the floor and control stick.

    He looked outside and noticed that the area clean, and all that was left was the black mech, the
cold dark mech standing at a distance, rasing his sythe. "This is it, I'm dead..." Amloith said to himself.
When the mech started coming toward him, he closed his eyes. Turning around he saw the black mech was gone, but
the base was destroyed, in two peices, lay the base, sparks flying, all the lives on that base, was dead. With no where to go, he tried to start the mech, but noticed it didn't start, and the oxygen was low. He moved to the escape pod, and floated away.

[The End of Chapter One, more to come later]

[After Reading]
I know its confusing, but after a few chapters, it comes into play, and you start to know who is who, and what is what. A few things happen, blah, but, if you liked it, then stay tuned, writing part two. :)
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Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #10 on: October 31, 2006, 05:45:40 am »
Lol, guess we can take that as an "it's not"


Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #11 on: October 31, 2006, 04:17:51 pm »
Yeah, but Asrack you still have the first chapter here, you can just continue from there.


Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #12 on: October 31, 2006, 10:02:51 pm »
Indeed, does someone wanna read?

I can work on it. But I am currently doing a few other things as well. Well, I will see what I can do tongiht.


Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #13 on: November 21, 2006, 07:06:47 pm »
[Mech Story]
Chapter 2: Magus and the Blue Squad.

Note* Please read chapter one before reading this or you will be confused.
I also apologize for my writing, I am not very good at spelling.

Magus was eating in the cafeteria, watching the people chat away, as he was eating his lunch.
He was a skinny man, about age eighteen, with somewhat short white hair, and blue eyes. He wore
a gun strapped to his side, and a small knife in a shealth on his belt. After finally finishing his meal,
he rased off the chair he was sitting in, and walked toward the garbage can to empty his food, when
an annoucement went off, saying that there was to be training done. Magus quickly emptied his food,
and darted towards the hanger.

Note* If you read in my first chapter about Mechs, to explain this in great detail, a mech is a large
suit that gets controlled by the user. This of this as Gundom Wing, or other large suit's like those.
In other words, they are called Gears to some people.

After finally reaching the hanger, he walked inside to see men lining up against a wall. He took
his postion imeditaly, and waited as his commander took a head count. Calling out all the individual
names, Magus had nothing but to wait for his name to be called, and all he could think about was when
he would be powerful enough to take on the group who the Blue Team hated so much, being in
a large galactic war, he had nothing else on his mind.

After the command was done giving off his same old speach about how to operate the MECH's. Magus,
feeling happy about his first ride in a MECH, was about ready to just jump in, when he over heard that
there will be a higher rank pilot or gunner. As the commander said they may go find a MECH, a set of thrity
higher up's walked into the hanger, and each headed toward a MECH. Magus, who was now sitting inside
the pilot's bay, was waiting amung his trainer, who he had doubts about. When all the sudden he heard a female
voice ask "What might your name be?". Magus turned his head around to see who it was, and to his eyes, the most beutiful
women he ever seen in his life was standing there. He manged to draw his tounge into his mouth and reply to her
with "My name is Magus, and you are?". The women sat down and told him she will be his teacher to how to pilot a
real Mech. This didn't bug Magus any.

She told him to pull a few switchs, and soon they were off. Slowly heading outside into space, Magus listend to her,
and started to fly off. While all the weapon specialists were inside the base using Virtual Reality to take the postions of
actual fighting in space. Magus flew around alittle getting used to the MECH's weight, speed, and everything else
that had to do with the MECH's overall ability to fight and move in space. Then all the sudden a shaky static voice came
from the monitar on the control panel, wondering what this was, he seen if he could get a connection. Started speaking into
the mic to see if anyone could here. But no answer.

Confused, he asked the wemon if he should go and and find the signal, she shook her head no.
Magus sat back and pretended like nothing happend. When a flick of a face, odd dark face, that was
gone after a few flashes, on the monitar, got his attenion.He heard something come through the
radio and it didn't sound good. "DIE", he said, puzzled. The wemon said, check your farscope rader
see what it is. Magus turned around and pressed a switch to get a rader, with one yellow dot. Heading
towards the base.  The wemon picked up the microphone and said, "There seems to be a lone MECH
coming for the base, alone. I would send at least some defense out here.", The commanders voice came
over the radio in a puzzled sound, "Who attacks a base alone? Yo uwould have to be stupid...". Out of the
monitar came a laugh and then some words "Stupid? I will show you stupid!" and then the MECH, pitch black,
dark, scary came flying towards the base, with a large scythe in his hands, held above over his head, flew right through 2 MECH's
at once, and turned around to view the others.

Scared the wemon grabbed the controls from Magus and tried to fly far away as possible, when the MECH was hit
with a beam, and then surrounded by 4 smaller black MECH's.The wemon started panicing, as Magus sat there, didn't
know what to do, thought he was dead. What would he do? He couldent do a thing, surrounded, and wondering how
if there is 4 MECH's surrounding him, why they didn't show up on the rader.  The Black MECH was hacking away at the Base, then stopped.
When Magus looked over, he saw that there was about five hundred or so MECH's shooting at him. A laugh came from the speakers again,
and the wrods "Pitiful". In the blink of an eye, the lone MECH destroyed a whole line of the MECH's, and a short while after, almost all.
Unstoppable, its as if he was unstopable. The four MECHs surrounding the pilot MECH, started shooting it, it shook the ship so hard, the Wemon
flew towards the wall, and cut her head open. Blood, pouring down the wall of the MECH, worried Magus, who just feel on the floor. Getting up,
he went to a small escape pod, and flew off into space... Alone..

[End of Chapter 2]

This was Evan's part of the D&D. You will see a patern for the next few chapters. Now I have no idea when I will finish my actual
third chapter, but I will try to get it done.

Thank you.



Re: [Story] Asrack's Story
« Reply #14 on: November 22, 2006, 01:38:19 am »
Finally.. A long awaited side of my beginning. :P
Fun times.. fun times indeed! Anyways, very interesting, I read it all. Now for Chris's which I vaguely remember.

Good job! :D
*Stays tuned*
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Asracks ~ A Mech Tale
« Reply #15 on: November 22, 2006, 04:32:58 am »
[Mech Story]
Chapter Three: A time for power.

Azriath, who was sitting in a room full of his ranked soldiers, listened to his commander talk about
the recent news. He was a mildly toned man, with short red hair, and
brown eyes. He was part of the red milatry, and hated the the group of the Blue Military. At war with them,
all the time, he seemed it was fit to kill them.

No one knew anymore, why people fought like this, but it was to be done. Something happend in the past
that made the world split into groups to kill eachother. The commander said outloud, "This metting is finished,
get some sleep, tomorrow we strike". A round of "Yes, sir!" hit the room as everyone stood at attention. Azriath
headed towards his room. Slowly walking down the hallway tried, and needed a nap, he tried to walk alittle faster
towards the Male Dorm's.

About the time he made it to his room, he noticed another man was laying on the bed in his room, confused, he said
"Who are you?", the man turned around and said his name was "Tom, and he is the new bunk". Azriath, who hated
having to share a room with people shook his head and went to lay down. Closed his eyes, and try to fall asleep, until he
heard "So, whats your name?". Azriath sighed and said "Azriath, I am an enginner, and I am tired, please shut up". The man
sighed and replied "Sorry".

All Azriath could think about was falling asleep, tired as hell, he tried but couldet, laid there, looking out the window beside his
bed at the vast distanes in space. Hungry, and sick of trying to fall asleep, he got up and moved down to the cafeteria,
where he got a peice of pizza and a coke.  In the middle of eating his pizza a voice came on the speakers and said we are needing
some enginners for some MECH's that just returned to the base. Quickly finishing up his pizza he poped his coke in his pocked, and
walked down the hall, to the hanger.

Grabbing some tools, and listening to the head Enginner, who they called Ol'Joe. They started learning that some
MECH parts were found drifting through space. Apparntly they recived it next to the black base, who seemed to be in an
alliance for the last few years. Ol'Joe said that these needs to be work done on fixing up some parts that they could use for
their MECH's. So, they all started working on the parts that were in a pile around the room.

About half way through, Azriath found a sybmol on the MECH, that said "Hey, I found something.", Ol'Joe came over, and
saw that the pecies were part of the actualy Military Group. And not just something they shot up. "I wonder if something happend
to them" Ol'joe mumbled and ran out to tell the commander. Azriath guessed that his work was over. So he decided to go back
to his room. But before he could leave the hanger, he saw something coming towards the hanger. Something small, dark, and
barly able to see, and it was coming straight for the base. He quickly looked out on a computer screen to see what it is, seems
it was a small pod. An escape pod, and seemed to have a life form on it.

He opened the hanger bay shield, and grabbed his gun. The pod slowly crept into the bay, and then landed. Azriath closed the bay shield, and
walked towards the pod, creeping slowly, watching as the door opened and a hand slipped out of the door. Amloith,crawled out of the pod, and
calapsed on the floor. Azriath ran towards the PA and yelled for some medical attention. He stayed there and watched as the docters took him
the medical bay, and fixed him up.

Hours later, Amloith awoke besides Azraith. A voice came out of no where asking "Is he awake yet?", Azriath turned around and said, "Yes sir, he is".
The Commanders face came into view as he moved towards the bed, and Amloith opened his eyes larger. "What happend to you?" Said the commander.
"Eh.. We were attacked, by some black MECH, destoryed everything" Amloith Replied.
"One MECH?, thats unbelieveable" Azriath remarked.
"But its true, some black MECH with a scythe, it destoryed everything, everything..." Amloith answered.
"Maybe he is just having some problems remembering because he was out cold and flying through space" The command retorted.
"No, seriosly, it was one MECH, it chopped through the base in one second!!!!" Amloith explained.
The command walked out of the room asking some questions to himself.
"Don't worry, we will see your in good health" Azriath said, then went back to his room.

Azriath laid down on his bed, and fell asleep.

[End of Chapter 3]
As you can see, Amloith and Azriath has met up, so stay tuned for more.
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