Total servers: 1
Modern Warfare1.0 – 20lt
Game Mode: Death Match
Lives: 0
Max Kills: 12
Version: OpenLieroX 0.58 rc5
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Author Topic: Dev Blog - March  (Read 1917 times)


Dev Blog - March
« on: March 19, 2012, 11:48:43 am »
Thought it might be a good idea to make some dev blog-type posts every now & again to share info about how this little project is going. I'll try and post as often as something new or interesting happens.

Liero Xtreme 2 (or LX2) is basically a result of me wanting to get back in PC game-dev. The last couple years i've been working on some iOS games which was fun, but didn't really have the same community feel or support that LX had back in the good-ol'-days. Added to that was a lack of any real progress with OLX or its clones/forks.

LX2 is built from the v0.60 codebase, but with a whole bunch of fixes & reworking of the netcode.
For those unfamiliar with v0.60, it started off as a big change to the way the network system worked and the game modes. Things got out of control and the GUI got redone, a music player got added, other things were changed and the physics got muddled up.

LX2 development started last year with some porting of the server code to Linux, which was then hosted on a server in USA. Connecting from Australia with a ping of ~250 i set out to try and optimize the netcode.
I had a bit of a break & resumed LX2 dev properly this year with a whole bunch of new changes:

Last week i had a decent look at the physics code & found out what happened. During v0.60, Gliptic (LOSP developer) provided me with some of the code decompiled from the original Liero for the worm physics. Back in the day a lot of people disliked LieroX because the worms moved around differently than the original game. So i attempted to fix things up by changing the physics to be more like Liero.
Unfortunately, even more people were playing LX & were used to that.

I'm planning on reverting back to v0.55 physics very soon

I've created a proper natively run master server that is always running. As opposed to the web php type master servers.
I've hired a Linode VPS server in Dallas, USA to host the master server & a game server or 2.
If the game gets enough interest i'll hire another server in Europe after release.

Recently i've been going through the major sections of the networking individually & fixing it up properly. That is Shooting, Bonuses & Worms.
Added to that is all netcode is now via a bitstream instead of a bytestream.

To help keep development on track (and not chew up all my free time) my aim is for LX2 to be much more focused on just online-play. Rather than supporting every possible feature (level editors, novelty game modes, music players, etc) LX2 will be about competitive gaming.
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