Total servers: 2
Modern Warfare1.0 – 20lt
Game Mode: Death Match
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Version: OpenLieroX 0.58 rc5
baSE ReALiTy
Liero v1.0 – 100lt
Game Mode: Death Match
Lives: 0
Max Kills: 15
Version: OpenLieroX 0.58 rc5
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Author Topic: Todays reality  (Read 17510 times)


Re: Todays reality
« Reply #80 on: November 25, 2011, 03:06:52 am »
Didn't see your post untill now A3... A tutorial is a great idea! Do that! Should inlcude a section about how to host and play classic games as well. It still isn't obvious to new players that restricted 100lt is the most recognised settings...



Re: Todays reality
« Reply #81 on: November 25, 2011, 02:44:06 pm »
The biggest problem this game for newcomers is the looks. The GUI looks reasonable, but the ingame graphics are horrible. And that's because skins are pumped up in size, as are levels. I think mod graphics are the same as well. Pixellation is not a good thing. So the only "easy" way to ensure survival, would be to change those. Of course that would probably cause an uproar in the community, so I don't know.
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Re: Todays reality
« Reply #82 on: December 07, 2011, 12:33:13 am »
Dead game much?

Can't say I've read this thread very carefully except for skimming through the last few post, but isn't OLX kinda dead and buried for newcomers nowadays? I actually installed it on my laptop to kill a few minutes and get away from schoolwork for awhile and someone had recently mentioned Liero so I decided to give it a try.

Shockingly enough there were only three servers available, of which two were empty so I just joined the open one. The server was populated with players that have dwelled on LXA longer than I have so I just popped in and said "Hi" and was booted at the spot. A few seconds later I noticed that I entered with the default profile, said "**** this shit to myself", jumped on my bicycle and went home to play some Battlefield 3.

I know I'm patient as hell, but I'm definitely more patient than a new player that might have heard that Liero i quite a fun game. Anyone who just pops in and want to try it out will almost certainly forget this game and get back into CoD, Battlefield or LoL the moment they can't access a server instantly.

I also don't thing it's very viable to introduce players to this game with mods. It's far too complex and mods are getting very scarce in multiplayer action/FPS games nowadays. Introduce players to classic or 1.0 or whatever it's called so that they'll get used to how it plays. Liero and OLX are incredibly simple games and there's no use in trying to make them more complex by adding... well shit. That and delete the whole weapon picking option!
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