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Author Topic: How to get your own clan thread  (Read 2612 times)


How to get your own clan thread
« on: October 17, 2009, 12:59:41 am »
In order to get your own trendy clan thread at LXA you have to submit the clan form.

Some information to note about this:

We let nearly anyone to register their clan at LXA. In the past we were more strict about it but nowadays we changed our policy. It is up to you to decide wether you are the right person to start a clan and successfully lead it. Numerous examples of failed clan experiments can be found in the mass of threads in this section.

Remember that your clan thread will represent you and therefore should host information about your clan. You want it too look prefessional, not ugly so use Capital letters, and punctation when posting.

  John Doe

Look here for some tips of how to start a clan.
Also, you might wanna check out the clan threads at LXA created by other clans.

Here is what a thread should hold or an example of a preformatted thread done by Quafas. You can copy it and fill it in with your information.

And as an after note, you can change the way your clan thread looks by pressing the "Modify button". You can also preview the layout with "Preview button".

Thanks, and be sure to follow the rules.
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