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Author Topic: MiLegolandia  (Read 3034 times)


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« on: November 19, 2008, 03:32:46 pm »
I normally have avoided this board in LX. As here is often some serious issues, where I don't want to fool aroud.

But anyways.  I decided to create my own legolandia here and post sometimes something wich I have been thinking about.

My way to speak out ain't the most clear one, and thats not only because of my poor english :D

But anyway here you are.


Were livning in the 2020. Let me introduce you the most influencable persons of the world.

Family of Berliscani's

Very old family with old tradition.

Basic principal in public: Let's make Neurope shine!

Run's multitude bussiness in Neurope. Is taking part to politics. Having high influence over the Europe..
Drives things for better Neurope ofcourse.
Know's how to handle human masses, can pull the correct strings, and is ready to use huge amount of money for his image.
Knows the principal, that its the luxury wich peoples need's.

Deeper look on this family

As it's obvious there will be black markets. It's better to be controlled by good peoples, says mr Berluscani.

Takes control of criminal world hardly. No mercy for bad peoples. The only correct law is the law's of Berluscani's.
Never takes part into bussiness wich is harming normal good working peoples. Robin Hood's of the 2000's, Atleast what
they think themselves. Want's to look good in public.
He is simply most loved man in the sport world. Own's also very succesfull formula one team.
Important position in the politics of the Neuropean Union,basicly runs it. Berliscani basicly means the same as Neurope at these days.
Has guaranteed sources of oil, from developing countryes he is "supporting".

Behind the success

This family controls the gambling bussiness. Old tax paradises in europe wich run's internet poker sites. New comers
into that world will have hard times. As Family of Berliscani's trusts nobody.
They belive all the money afterall ends into gambling bussines. So having monopoly control over gambling all over the world makes sure guaranteed huge

These guys are also funding, good corporations, and good politicans, wich understands the same policy. Is having huge infulence
what ever happends in Neurope. Influence is all the time growing.

Cashflow of the internet poker have became very huge. General opinion of internet poker is bad. So everything is done undercovered. But family is working
hard against rising resistnace towards internet poker and gambling in general. All money's coming from poker
belongs to Berluscanis. Even in the land of Rhyskov's. Berluscani managed to gain access of global support from Rhyskov, as Berluscani managed to find out some
facts wich would't stand the daylight.

Still Bit worryed about family of Rhyskov and their growing global infulence in the world markets.

As a principal, not having contact into drug world, or illeagal weapon industry. Supports fighting against Drugs. But supports topacco businness, and is working against
the growing global resistance agaisnt tobacco aswell. Sees a possibilty in bussiness wich seems to be old already.
This family apreciates alcohol bussiness aswell. Especially good whiskey's is trademark of Berluscani.

Invest's publicly into developing program's and creating higher level of economy and health in Neurope. Want's independent Neurope, wich economy will be stable, no matter what happends forexample in Naiverica.
Has skills to invest also into his inside circle. Head of Berluscani's himself is living very aesthetic live himself, trying to proove that his honestly doing
everything for good reasons and for poor peoples aswell. Berluscani himself says not to be intrested about money.
Also invest's seriously into developing countryes.

Is having considerably huge amount nuclear weapons. Said to be only as a signal. Don't attack to us!

Vladimir Rhyskov

Vladimir Rhyskov,head of this big nation called Rysslandia: He is guy who is best known by having great infulence in the old lands of soviet unionity.
Avoid's publicity, and want's to control all medias. Always Very well planned
talking when it's public. Always perfect and stylish lookout in the flashlights.

Philoshophy of Gazborgs CO. etc.. Has very tight control and monopoly over his whole country. By the communism of the 2000's he has managed to make it glorish and shine.

Has direct influence into one of the world largest armyes.

"Makes only real bussines, not working with anything criminal"

Let's take a deeper look

This guy, has two faces, where the other one is basicly the opposite of what it seem's.
This guy aswell has contacts and methods wich could be called totally new world.
He has not only contacts to one of most influenceable organizations. Terrorist organizations.
He is also continiously creating and funding those globally in poor countryes. He supports poor countryes, economyes and make those work, with few conditions
wich afterall pays back.
One secret worth of "world war III" is That Bin Lade himself was straightly financed by this similiar guy. And someone made huge amount of money, when
airline companys went down etc.

Bussiness main idea is working with the world markets. Owns huge amount of world most skilled economics. Makes
carefully planned terrorist strikes, and knowing beforehand perfectly the infulence into the world markets.
So many levels between him and the terrorist organizations, that his basicly untouchable. It's unbreakable inside circle.
Having huge amount of contacts into polticans. Can starightly infulence into the decisions made by goverments of the world.

By huge amount of funds and great visions. He Have also managed to get part of his share from oil bussiness. Wich is one of the things, his
corporations is looking to get monopoly position.

Takes no part into drug or weapon bussiness. It's old fashioned for these bussiness men. Hand's get's dirty too easily.
They rather take the part of good peoples the succesfull ones, wich are smart enough to make everyone think they are
just doing good and fair bussiness.

Has straight influence to world two of the largest nuclear weapon storage's. Isn't afaired to make unrejectable offers by the power given by nukes.

Old "grazy" aim. Control the whole world and therby, make it ofcourse a better place.

As a very hyprocrite fact, this guy hates in public the hyprocrisy of western world. And that was most infulencing thing for him to prove
the hyprocrisy of the western world for everyone and get more support.

Invisble organisation lead by one very visible guy, in very important position. Can work as a highly influencable nation or as a invisible
organization. What ever is needed. Can manipulate peoples, has very skilled staff working for him what comes into manipulating.
If someone would know this all, they wish not to know as the knowledge would be wiped out if they ever would speak out.
Control of hightech laboratoryes and development sections, wich nobody really know's.

Very powerful person and inside group.

The method of controlling world market's and communism of the 2000's will be explained better later.

Rising sun of east

Drives the benefit of Assaria

Global association, supported by the head of Assaria. Run's everything non-criminal and criminal bussiness that's possible. Want's to get share of everything. Want's to also
make sure for the world, that eastern old world should be listened more. Has straight influence into world largest armyes.
Overall in Assaria, peoples have no idea of this underground association. There's no anykind of freedom of a word. Most intellectual peoples are better ones to make
decisions instead of stupid masses.
Huge army keeps citizens in control This army is lead by this so called over society wich run's the important decision and world markets and diplomacy.

Assarian's aswell ofcourse drives the benefits of humanity in the end. Everything is made for general good.

Want's to get control of global drug bussiness, and have managed to do it pretty well. Thinks they can steal the moneys of western world with that way. As whole western civilization in their opinion is spoiled.
They also invest into United Afros Nations.
All possible lands are used to grow valuable drugs and make Western people wasted.
Meanwhile building own army with these moneys all the time. Don'r really have any creative skills, so will always be one step behind Berluscani's and Rhyskov's.
But effectivity is scary in these land's. When they does somethign it's done fast and effectively.
Is having huge amount of nuclear wepons.


The land found by Nistoffer Nolumbus. The land of opportunityes.

This is only land in world having humble visions how to create fair world. Everyone is equal and everything is fair and public. They focus on living in their
own area and they couldn't care less about the rest of the world. As the whole world is polluted by criminals and evil peoples.
Their boards are 100% closed and that allows them to continue their perfectly happy and free living.
There is only very inside group in real Naiverica who knows about rest of the world and follows the developing of it, like aliens from the space.
Sometimes they fly around the world with their ultimately high technology, wich
is even better than Rhyskov's. People call's those things as UFO's.

Having only huge high tech defensive forces to make it sure nobody attacks against them. Great amount of nukes also for the same purpouse.
and everyone is doing work for general good. Most happy nation in the world. Also most rich nation in the world.

Let's look deeper into the truth

Truth is that Doctor Alban, managed to create "medicine" that closes the open thikning and everyone thinks only happy things, and enjoys from simple things like doing simple work without salary.
Naiverican's don't ask questions like why? They just does what is told to.
Only the head of Naiverica is controlling this life in Naiverica, as they see that it's their resbonsibility to
not make people think bad things. As they would only suffer from it. So they had their own envolving where this small circle took over and created the new world.
Happy world.

United Afros Nation

They still throw javels to hunt their food. Living simple live and being relatively happy. Worshipping the god's who sometimes comes from the heaven to greet them and take their gifts.
Always also these gods brings something with them. Afros just needs to grow these things in their lands, and then give it back to god's.
Some part of Afros is actually starting to get knowledge of the world. Thanks to Berluscani's efforts. But these who get knowledge and therby trys to teach others, will be eliminated
by unknown warriors.
If Berlusconi just would know what the Rising sun of east is doing, it would cause immediatly some global conflicts.

Let's sum it all up

Rhyskov is very happy that real Naiverica don't care about rest of the world.

His family in the past, made something genious, they saw the opportunity in this land.
So they have safely maneged to create their own picture of Naiverica. By creating this fake country called "Naiverica". Wich everyone admires, as everything is
so big in "Naiverica"

But the truth is, that despite Rhyskov and the head of Naiverican's. Nobody know's that there is two Naiverica's. The fake one created by Rhyskov. And the one
controlled by intellectual superindividuals, the original one.

And still the real Naiverica, will never be found by rest of the world. Rhyskov is making it sure, and controller's of Naiverican's dosen't care.

The rest of the world is cheated by this image created by transmitting in media. Rhyskov is having the control of so called Naiverica's media. The truth is Naiverica
ain't broadcasting into Neurope. And everyone who thinks they are travalling to Naiverica is actually travelling to fake country created by Rhyskov. Rhyskov was also first in the world, invating satelite systems etc.
So they can manipulate peoples as much as they wan't by having control systems wich controls all the satelite techonology of other countryes.
By using that Rhyskov and his family have done something, wich no Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Caesar, Mansa Musa or who ever couldn't do.
His preparing to take over the world, and create new great world.

His idea of great world, is basicly the same as Naiverican's. But Naiverican's ain't honest. They make peoples live with bad rules, and they are hyprocritical.
But Rhyskov himself with his inside circle would be noble leader of the world. And the saver of the world.

So truly "Naiverica" is fake land made by Rhyskov's, and he have managed to make it "center of economy"
And therby he can straighly play with economy like some video game. He can make terrorist strikes to "Naiverica", and only thing he has to do is manipulate
others by making video. Cost's are minimal, effects are global.
They also have already enough money, to play with economy perfectly. One decision and global economy will go down.
People starts to scare and sell everything out. Then when Rhyskov decides markets to be good again. He put's money in and people's gets buying again like grazy
until the next fall of world economy.

With this method they are building the largest army ever seen.

Their final strike would have happened already, But anti Nuke system is still not working 100%. First they need to make world immune for nukes. So there is
something left worth of conquering.

Rhyskov want's to be sure that He can get control of real Naiverica aswell. He think's Naiverica should gain their
freedom, and taken out from their land wich is actually a prison full of slaves, Lead by poor leaders.

So Rhyskov and his family are only trying to save the world, as they know the best, what works well. He is good guy, so he trys to save the whole world
from destroying itself. There is a bug in human, wich needs to be fixed he knows. But peoples needs also little freedom, like to decide if they want to eat aplle or orange, not always the same apple, so evil.
so Naiverica needs to be conquered too. Everything needs to be in correct hands to make correct rules.

Neuropa is currently really suffering, as its one of the last places of open media and freedom to choose. Neurope is full of drugs and crimes. No matter how hard
Berluscani works against it. Rich getting richer and poor ones losing their hope. Drugs have became even cheaper than the food. Berlusconi can't fight against
Drug's. His hopless while he has no idea Eastern world is doing this on puropuse.
The greatness of western civilization turned into it weakness.
Well Berlusconi still has huge army, and also his preparing to create some secret elite of Neurope. Somehow citicens needs to be get in control. Like in very effective
economy of eastern world.
Also World markets seems to be just too unpredictable, huge part of Berluscani and citizens of Neurope moneys disappeared in last fall of the economy.

Same time the old fashioned communism seems to be working perfectly in east.. There is high pressure for change.

Truly just the balance of world is changing. It's now western civilization time to see what does it feel to not have money to buy food. And go back into forrest throw
javelins to hunt your food.

Peoples in Neurope have started mass moving into Naiverica. But since they leave to Naiverica, nobody heards anything about them after that. Peoples have got scared. All boaders are closed
Neuropa feels like a prison.

Rising sun of east, managed by accidently found totally new land. They got confused you can't see it from satelite. They managed to send the message from the ship, before it vanished.

It' seems like something is going to happend very soon. It starts to be last chance for Neuropa to use their still modern army, to open boarders.

Meanwhile in the Naiverica

One who got boored into humanity Professor Malbaro Einstein. Managed to create Virus, wich will spread over water with the speed of light.
Causes human immediate death. No cure for this cancer.

Funny thing is that this Professor was living in society inside Naverica where individuality and thinking were killed by the "government".
This small community was even more developed than anything other in the world.
They were for 10 generations, being undercovered destined for their one and only determination. Destroy humanity and save the earth.

Meanwhile in the United Afros Nation. There was small inside community, living aboriginal. Somehow this community was totally immune for this virus.

Story of Random moron

It's kind of scary at these days to read newspapers and see all these school massacres etc. Yes I do think aswell that it's
very sick to hate humanity as much that you are ready to do something grazy like that.

But its just so sad and goes to waste. It's just part of humanity to be like we are. It's just our race of survival. But as human is bit more complicated
complex than some animal. Like lion wich hunts it's food to live. We do the same, with the weapons given to us.
But as I was speaking about weopons. Does some weapon called Kamikaze belong aswell to part of humanity?

If someone stands agaisnt those humanity principals and starts to kill humans because of humanity.

No matter if the reason stated above is true reason behind such an action.
Prolly it's just weak person who was bullyed in school. The guy who just dind't have what it needs to survive here. So he decided that he himself
is somekind of overhuman, and only mission left is to kill some humans including himself.

But I think it's scary ideology this so called "hate of humanity" It's kind of easy choice for losers. So it also makes me bit scary.
When there will be some moron who gains control to some more lethal weapons. And manages to do something like this bit more effectively.

But despite the black story, as some of you knows already, it was mostly only sarcastic one towards humanity. Hoho and always when I will speak out in LX forums, theres something LX related hided into.  ;D

I personally belive that problems caused by human, can be solved by human. But there is such a many of us.

It's scary how strong one sick individual can be in the worst case scenario.


Re: MiLegolandia
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2008, 10:36:31 am »
I'll bump this one, seems people didn't notice the thread because it was moved several times.
this was posted in the past. everything on forums can be manipulated. don't believe what you see or read.


Re: MiLegolandia
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Whoever manages to read ALL of that wins at life.
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