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Author Topic: Games and weed are dangerous!  (Read 9585 times)


Re: Games and weed are dangerous!
« Reply #20 on: October 18, 2008, 04:24:49 am »
I think it's more serious matter to smoke something that will get entoxicated by people in the surrounding, than for example drink and or use "snus" to keep it to your self. I know they say drugs like joints are much healthier than for example cigarrets. But I think in the end it will damage your mind u get psychoses and such. Use drugs for medical reasons only! Also hope Obama wins the election.

Also about the game issue, I think that to much of anything will do you harm, memory blocks, bad vision etc. But the right amount of anything will only make u wiser. And reading books even how many or much u read u only will exercise the brain!
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Re: Games and weed are dangerous!
« Reply #21 on: November 14, 2008, 06:30:57 am »
Weed in itself is not a dangerous drug. Experts state that it is the "gateway" drug becuase of the fact that if an individual is smoking weed you usually have a supplier, someone you get the weed from, and associates or friends that also smoke. This in turns gets you to meet more peoplein which case you are 90% more likely to meet a person doing harder more dangerous drugs. This is were peer presssure comes in. The majority of youth in todays society cannot stop from being peer pressured. Its the need to "Fit In" with the "cool" crowd. I have read that the only reason it is not legal is becuase they can not tax it. I dont buy this explanation becuase it would go into the same category as other plants that are grown such as corn, cotton, flowers, ect.

As for tht topic of alcohol. I personally love the stuff. As far as being dangerous, i agree 100%. I say this for MANY reasons but will only touch on a few. While drinking you get into a state of something i like to call "stupid ****yness". While being under the influence i have personally done many stupid things that i knew were wrong and i would have never done while sober. I have been in a few car wrecks while under the influence of alcohol and am lucky i was never seriously hurt. Although i dont think alcohol should be illegal i do believe we as a whole go overboard with it. Me included.

A for games. Whats the diffrence between GTA and all the gang/drug/shooting movies and TV shows on television?

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Re: Games and weed are dangerous!
« Reply #22 on: November 14, 2008, 06:43:07 am »
I agree with you to some extent that weed is a gateway drug. On the other hand, it all depends on the person. One of my best friends started smoking weed before I did, then I started, and then he started dropping acid. We're no longer friends.

Something that just came to me though, if weed was legalized, then you could buy it like buying cigarettes over the counter. That would eliminate that shady character selling you the drugs, who probably has harder drugs or has connects to them.

Also, there are things you can take right now, some over the counter medicines that supposedly give an acid-like trip. There's a cough medicine now nicknamed Triple C's that you can take, and so many more over the counter medicines. There's also Salvia, which offers a short trip (like 20 minutes or less if I'm not mistaken). Honestly I don't know why it's legal.

The difference between GTA and all the gang/drug/shooting movies and TV shows on television is that GTA is interactive. You actually control the character and kill people, instead of watching some actor do it on TV.


Re: Games and weed are dangerous!
« Reply #23 on: November 14, 2008, 11:37:10 am »
If it's a good movie, you become the character by just watching him too. I don't think the difference is that big. However, with both movies and games teh fact remains that when you stop, you become yourself again. Not the character. I can't imagine these violent games/movies to be the cause of people being violent IRL. People who copy what they see are mentally disturbed by themselves and would've gone bad anyway.

About weed and alcohol: There is some sense to all of this.
Alcohol is undoubtably a very dangerous compound. It should, normally, have been an illegal drug. However, alcohol has been in our culture for thousands of years and back then nobody knew much about the dangers of it. So at a certain point, a generally accepted and beloved drug would have to be illegalised by the government. This has happened, as before mentioned, in America, but as we all know: It simply didn't work. Society will not accept the loss of such a beloved drug.
As to weed (from a government point of view), yes it is less dangerous than alcohol. It's still a dangerous drug though, so it should be illegal. Weed has never been used so widely as alcohol has been used in the past centuries, it was never so accepted and so it was a lot easier to illegalise. Just because one dangerous drug is legal doesn't neccesarily mean they should all be legal.

Wether or not weed is dangerous is not entirely clear though. Perhaps compared to alcohol it isn't and compared to sugar it is?
I live in the Netherlands and here the government decided a few years ago, that it wasn't a dangerous drug and therefore it shouldn't be illegal. In most other countries, government have so far decided that it is a dangerous drug. Personally, i don't think it is. However, i do understand that opinions about that differ and that when a government thinks weed is dangerous, they should not allow it.

About alcohol: I use it quite a lot (order of magnitude 30-80 units/week) and my life wouldn't be the same without it. I always have loads of fun in which it plays a big role, and i wouldn't want to miss it for a million bucks.
Occasionally though, it has made me do insanely stupid things. I might say that i'm very lucky to not be dead or worse: paralised from the neck down. I think that as any young guy i have a promising future ahead of me, but the alcohol might some day destroy that. When i look at myself from a neutral point of view, i'd say that yes, alcohol should actually be illegalised.
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